Okinawan Karate (Te)

In 1400 AD, A King of Ryukyu Shoho prohibited Okinawan Samurai (Warrior) to carry weapons.  The Okinawan Samurai began developing Empty Hand Fighting Arts called Te (Karate).

In 1609 AD, Japan’s Satsuma Clan attacked Okinawa.  Okinawan warriors fought back with bare hands and farming tools  against bows and arrows, spears, swords and guns.  The Okinawans were defeated and  Satsuma prohibited them to train in Martial Arts, but the people kept practicing in Te Arts secrecy.

In 1922, Okinawa introduced Okinawan Te (Karate) to Japan for the first time.  Japan started introducing Okinawan Te to the world.

Sensei Shiroma teaches and trains Okinanwan Shuri-Te.  Shuri-te was only used by the Okinawan Shuri Samurai as their fighting art and was never taught to others.