Kids Kickboxing

IMG_4867.jpgMuay Thai kickboxing comes from Thailand and includes techniques like wrestling, blocking and avoidance and strength conditioning. Children should be at least 6 to participate in Muay Thai.

Practical & Effective Techniques

Self-defense is the primary objective. Sensei Jiro Shiroma believes in teaching practical and effective real-world techniques for self defense. Your child will develop the skills and knowledge necessary for self defense while developing self-discipline and building self-esteem.

Training in Muay Thai kickboxing is also a great tool to help build physical health and has been known to help kids improve concentration.

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IMG_4873.jpgSafety First!

Safety is an important part of any Karate training and safety gear is a necessity. Some recommended items are  gloves, helmets, mouthpiece, protective cup, shin guards and wrist cuffs.

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