Instructor Certification Program

Sei Shindo Kai Instruction Certification

Receive an instructor certification or rank certificate or both in 2 days with this convenient weekend workshop. If you are black belt or higher in any style and at least 21 years of age, you qualify as a candidate.

The workshop is presented by Sei Shindo Kai (The True Way). Doctor of Martial Arts, Shihan Shiroma, founded Sei Shindo Kai. Shihan Shiroma has been instruction and training in the martial arts for over fifty years. He has studied a wide variety of martial arts styles at different martial arts institutions. Sei Shindo Kai is not an organization of style, but a group in the search of the truth in self-defense through the martial arts.

Sei Shindo Kai affiliation does not require individual or studio membership fee and is available to any style.

True Way defense tactics are equal or superior to Krav maga, FBI, Canadian Police, Navy Seals, Special Forces, SWAT and Recon tactics.

If you join us from outside Arizona, we can recommend accommodations for nearly any budget.