Martial Arts Seminars

DSC_0740.jpgA lifetime of martial arts experience and knowledge

Invite Sensei Jiro Shiroma to your Dojo and let him bring a lifetime of martial arts experience and knowledge to your class. Sensei Shiroma will teach whatever you request and provide valuable insight and philosophy behind his True Way Self-Defense system.

Sensei Shiroma’s martial arts style is applicable to students of all ages and levels. Each student will learn important martial arts concepts while practicing direct-action movements that provide the foundation for practical and effective martial arts techniques.

shiroma_sensie_2.jpgPromoter receives True Way rank promotion & certificate.

The True Way Defense System was created by Jiro Shiroma, Hanshi kyu dan (Senior Doctorate degree, 9th degree black belt). He has been involved in various styles of martial arts and combat sports for over 50 years.

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Cost: starting at $750 plus travel and lodging expenses