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How do I tie a Karate belt?

Step 1

Figure A

Step 1:

You begin by tying your belt from the front of your body so you must first find the middle of your belt and hold it against your stomach.
Step 2

Figure A

Step 2:
Wrap the belt behind you and then bring it back around in front of you. Your belt should now be wrapped all the way around you and the two ends should be infront of you with one end of the belt placed on top of the other end.

Step 3-2

Figure B

Step 3-1

Figure A

Step 3:
Take the end of the belt that is on the top (A) and wrap it underneath the part of the belt that is crossing your stomach (B) so that it passes between your body and the back of the belt.

Step 4-2

Figure B

Step 4-1

Figure A

Step 4:
OK, now you have completed the tricky part, simply tie a knot in your belt by wrapping part (A) around the back of (B)

Step 5-2

Figure B

Step 5-1

Figure A

Step 5:
Now simply pull both ends of your belt tightly so that you tie a secure knot, and that’s it.


Japanese Numbers

Exercises are counted in Japanese, so you will hear these words often.
Click This Link to view the Japanese counting chart


Why exercise?

Why should you exercise?

Although we all lead very busy lives and our days of filled with numerous activities and functions, it is very important to make time to exercise, especially if you want to:

– Live Longer
– Reduce the risk of a stroke.
-Strengthen the heart, lungs and blood vessels.
-Help prevent diabetes.
-Raise the HDL (good cholesterol) level.
-Strengthen the immune system.
-Lower the risks for cancer.
-Help prevent osteoporosis.
-Reduce stress.
-Sleep better.
-Improve stamina and vitality.
-Improve self-esteem.
-Build strong muscles.
-Help lose weight.

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