Photos & Videos

Photos of the Dojo and students throughout the years – enjoy!

2013 Kids Karate - Student pics
2011 Kids Karate - Kickboxing
Images from the Kid's Kickboxing class... View
2011 Karate - Kata
Kata is a sequence of movements which represent various offensive and defensive postures ... View
2011 Sensei Ounkham Visits the Dojo
Sensei Brian Ounkham of Okinawan Karate-do from Sussex, Wisconsin, visits Sensei Jiro Shiroma at the Dojo. Visit... View
2011 Dojo Pics
Photos of the students in the adult class demonstrating Ju-Jutsu... View
2009 Seminars
Sensei Jiro Shiroma conducts a seminar.... View
2001 Self Defense Demonstration
Sensei demonstrates self defense techniques to a group of students... View
1999 The First Shindo Kai Tournament
1998 Dojo Pics
1998 Dojo Floor Rebuild
The Dojo gets a brand new floor. The senior students helped install it and it took a little more than day.... View
1997 Dojo Pics
Images students enjoying themselves at the Dojo from 1997... View
2011 Birthday dinner
Students and friends celebrated Sensei's birthday at Ah-So Japanese Restaurant Saturday Jun. 11th... View
2008 Birthday Party
Nikki hosted a huge party for Sensei and invited his friends and students from around the world.... View
2004 Birthday Dinner
Sensei Jiro Shiroma is joined by friends for his birthday dinner... View
2003 Birthday Dinner
Sensei Jiro Shiroma enjoys his birthday with friends, family and students ... View
2002 Birthday Dinner
Sensei Jiro Shiroma enjoys another birthday with friends, family and students.... View
2001 Birthday Dinner
Friends and students host a birthday dinner for Sensei Jiro Shiroma... View