The Dojo

Arizona Martial Arts Academy is not an ordinary studio or club or place of exercise.  It is a bu jutsu dojo (Martial Arts Training Hall).

The Dojo is traditionally known among Japanese as a school where students are instructed in a path which leads to self realization. It is the place where the teacher and serious students strive to cultivate their minds toward perfection of the human spirit

The Dojo is a hall of spiritual as well as physical training and is treated with particular respect and veneration by all Karate students.

To show their deep respect, students always bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.

Head instructor, Jiro Shiroma’s master level rank in martial arts is recognized worldwide and is achieved by less than one percent of practitioners.

  • Centrally Located

    located on the
    NW Corner of 51st Ave & Cactus
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